Monday, September 4, 2006

All about Bookworm#2

Okay here are the answers to the questions from DandelionSeeds All About me page

Today is Bookworm#2's first day of MFW K.

He is 4 yrs old.

He likes ALL of the Bible stories.

Bookworm #2's favorite food is "some foods that I do like and some foods that I don't like. If I don't like the foods, I get up and throw them away." (I'll add, he throws them away when the meal is over.)

His Favorite Color is "the whole box of 'em."

His favorite animal is "The Whole Zoo."

His favorite song is: "all of the songs - almost."

Something I really like to do is: "I like to color things and draw things and I like to play in the rain and I like to go on the Lazy River and I like to...I like to...I just like things that I like to do. I like to play in the backyard and read the notebook and type."

When I grow up I want to be : "I would like to be a daddy."