Thursday, July 31, 2008

Narration: Bible - Adam and Eve

First, God made the world. Then he made a man out of dirt. Then he made a woman for a friend. They disobeyed God. They met a snake, and they ate the fruit that God had told them not to eat. God sent them out of the garden, and an angel with a flaming sword flamed it up in the sky so that no one could enter the garden again.

By Bookworm #2

Sunday, July 27, 2008

My little connoisseur

It's been really hot in Oklahoma. And for the past three weeks, dry. And dusty. And that makes a car wash necessary. And a new Tunnel Wash opened just down the street from our neighborhood. And it happens to be owned by a friend's kid, and that's just kind of nifty.

We love a good car wash.

You see, we have a car wash connoisseur in our household. #2 loves a good car wash. He analyzes each system inside as to what it does and why and how. He is amazed by any machine with moving parts - and there are all kinds of moving parts in that car wash.

The week that it opened, it was free, and we went nearly every day. I typically say, "We'll go through a car wash on payday." And that is our tradition. Even if it is raining. Because we promised. It's quite funny to everyone else. But since I had no logical reason to say "No," we went.

We went in different combinations. The first day we went twice - once it was just #2 and I, and then later we went back to show Gramma, #3, and #4. The second day, it was me, #2 and #3. The third day it was the King, and #2. On day four, Mimi took #2 and #3 in her car, and my van got a rest from the action. On day five, sadly, it was no longer free. But since I had already promised it as a reward for good behavior, I paid $4 to wash my already-very-clean-van.

But it was good clean fun, my friends. And we were all smiling as we rolled out of the tunnel.

So now you all know just how strange we are.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

It's July!

It's been a wild and crazy couple of months. And it shows. I never meant to go so long without posting, but, since sleep is a necessity, there just aren't enough hours in my day for all that I want to accomplish. It's amazing how quick a day can fly past me, and yet it seems I'm standing still. Yet, my babies are growing up so fast. Bookworm#2 turned six this past week - I can barely believe it. Hasn't it only been a few weeks since he was tiny and cuddled up against me in the Maya Wrap every waking instant because that was the only place where he didn't scream. Maybe a few days since he was an only child, and I was so very sad. Wasn't #3 born the day before yesterday and #4 this morning?

But no. #2 is helping the King of Bookworms run the vacuum. #3 is following them around with the toy vacuum. And #4 is hanging onto my skirt and jabbering to me and walking off to his toys. It's truly amazing how time flies.

All is well here in the Backyard. We're still reading and playing and exploring and living. There is much to tell and very little time in which to tell it. As much as I'd love to have time to write more, I must keep my stance that my family is more important than my blog. However, now the vacuumers have gotten to my little office off the playroom and #4 is very frightened and needs a cuddle. Maybe later