Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Because I haven't posted any lately...

and because our beloved UncaBilly is about to leave his laptop behind as he sojourns in the wilderness for a week, I'll show you all an hour in our lives...

Yesterday, while the baby was sleeping,

We painted,

and painted some more. And then I answered the phone...

I'm not sure it was a good idea (by the way - that's paint, not blood)

I will spare you the next two hours - during which there were baths and then #3 napped and #2 sat in timeout for painting his brother and I cleaned up. And then #2 watched a movie and I fell into my chair and dozed until a baby cried because painting wore me out. It just plain wore me out.


Whatcha taking another picture for, Mom?

#2's first written note. Can you see what it says? Look carefully.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Dare to Move...

As I mentioned, we have had an interesting season at our church that has left us tired - worn out - in need of spiritual renewal. And we've been seeking the Lord about whether we are to stay in this exhausting situation or move on.

And, I have to report, that He has answered us in a His subtle and mighty way. We have bowed out of our committees and we're moving. Two or three weeks ago, we visited "the Bible study church" and heard an amazing message called "Dare to Move" - get out of your comfort zone and minister. I was thinking in my own little brain - this is it. God's will for us is to join this church - which is wonderfully friendly and has made room for us in both their women's ministry and in their Awana program. But I didn't say anything, as I wanted to follow my sweet husband's led - and I think that sometimes he listens to me too much. I knew either of our two candidate churches would be good for our family, and I wanted to leave things up to him.

He has had two meetings with the leadership of the other church - one just to ask questions - he tagged along on a friend's lunch date with the church's local pastor - and the other to discuss a dream that God has put on his heart. His dream will find support in this congregation - plus they may be able to use his expertise in another area to improve somethings. So, this is our new church. We went to the new member's seminar last night and wound up joining the church in one accord and with complete peace in our spirits.