Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday in Boulder - the afternoon

The Town Hall in the quaint mountain hamlet of Nederland, CO.

Mountains near Nederland.

A close-up of an Aspen tree near Nederland, CO.

A puffy cloud that looks like whipped cream on this mountain near Nederland, CO.

Municipal parking in Nederland, CO.

A real, live steam shovel, just like Mary Anne in the Mike Mulligan book.

Now, we've rested a bit, and we've played a game of Croquet in the yard. (UncaBilly won. CrazySheryl was second. Stasia was third. I was fourth. And Gramma... well, Gramma finished, yes she did. And that's what counts.)

Dinner is under construction. And it's going to be so fantastic that more pictures may follow.

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Diane Davies said...

The pictures are so pretty!!! Glad you were able to get away for a little rest, relaxtion and fun!