Monday, June 22, 2009

Today, I cleaned my kitchen (twice), picked up other people's crap off the floor (numerous times), taught school (copywork, grammar, math, history, botany, piano), finished a book (Lessons from Blackberry Inn), started another (Creative Correction), snuggled with various needy children at appropriate times, fixed my husband his Father's Day dinner (steak and roasted veggies with pasta), and made sure that everyone was where they needed to be when they needed to be there (doctor's appointments, swimming lessons...).

Today, I spent TWO HOURS at a doctor's appointment for which we were FIVE MINUTES LATE even thought we left FORTY minutes early for a FIFTEEN minute trip. I'd have everything packed up for hours. All we had to do was put on shoes, potty, and get in the van. And then there was traffic. And construction. And a cop with a lane blocked while he wrote some idiot a ticket. And #3 fell asleep in the van. So, when my mom met me to be my spare hands, she wound up bringing a whiny, cranky kid with who took a 10 minute nap back home. So, I had the Great Ball of Energy (#2), and #4, and #5 at the doctor's office by myself. That was interesting. They really did very well, but oh-my-they-were-not-created-to-wait-long. And as for why it took so long - well, that's what you get when you combine my new insurance with our pediatrician's office's new computerized record-keeping system and a two-year old who needs some vaccinations - but we don't know which ones because his chart has gone AWOL and a one-month old who is likely to have silent reflux and needs some labwork and a x-ray to rule out other problems in order to receive medication to make him stop refluxing. Poor baby. Plus, on the way out, it took forever to pay and get future appointments made (one seven-year-old well-child exam, one two-month old well-child exam, and a third attempt at a nurse visit to get the shots for the two-year-old who isn't going to appreciate such a thing.)

Today, I wore flip-flops. My poor toes were rolled over with roller skates, stepped on several times, jumped on once, and caught under a door at the doctor's office. Tomorrow, I'm wearing Keens. I want my poor toes to be well-protected until they recover. I wear flip-flops all the time - I don't know what was up today.

I'm tired now. I'm going to take care of a little business and then sleep.


~ Judy ~ said...

You poor dear.
Hope the rest of the week is a little easier for you!

ThoughtfulMom said...

OK - I just want to tell you that the whole day was funny to me. One of those How-many-things-can-go -wrong-on-a-Monday Mondays. Whining and complaining on my blog wasn't my intention. It was a long day, but it wasn't terrible. We actually had a lot of fun. Hmmm.. Maybe I should just delete this post all together. I was filling in my friends on a message board on where I'd been all day, and then I wrote so much that I thought - gee, I might as well post that on my blog - but whining and complaining wasn't my intention at all.

Ro said...

I don't think it was complaining....I think it was just a synopsis of your day. Some days are just like that. Love that book (Creative Correction). Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Just a day in the life of a MOM! I kinda like the busy days. They make me appreciate the less interesting ones.