Wednesday, May 6, 2009

In case you are curious....

as to my lastest large reason for not blogging now that my long list of household projects is almost all checked off.

My computer died.  I mean it really died.  It's seen several-times-a-day use for five years, and it has all the symptoms of memory trouble, but my Bookworm King hasn't found a way to make it work without spending a lot of money. And we can't replace it at the moment because we have a baby coming and need our funds for that.  SO.... no computer for me means very little time to do anything more than check email and facebook and bloglines.  We are completely screen free in our house from the time the King leaves for work until the time he comes home, and then after the kids are in bed, he's usually back to work on his laptop, so I'm having to find new ways to amuse myself.  

But since I have a minute - I'll report on what's up:
The King and #2 have taken a large interest in botany and gardening.  They have veggies growing in several areas of the yard, and #3 and #4 love to "help."  Today, they were all out messing with the compost pile, and when I checked on them, #4 said, "Compost, Mama.  Compost." And pointed lest I not understand what the great pile of ever-blackening food and yard waste was. #2 took me on  a tour declaring emphatically that "There's LIFE, Mama! LIFE is everywhere!  Just look at all the green!" And #3 ran over to report on the TWO HUGE WORMS he had been studying, that were reported as being at least two foot long.  That's not a worm, I'm thinking - that's a garden snake.  And I hate snakes.  But the King was quick to inform me that it really was a worm, but the size was slightly exaggerated.  I'm not sure if he was telling the truth or not - if there are snakes in my yard.....

#5 is growing in my ever-widening belly and is swelling up my feet and ankles.  I think I have officially reached the cankle stage - there is no difference between my calf and my ankle.  

SO as for my list - 
the house is mostly finished - some trim to put up and some touchups to do
next years homeschooling is planned and the curriculum is purchased
the freezer is nearly full of meals for the post-baby period
the boys are very excited about meeting their new brother
the King is almost done with his semester at the seminary
and #4's birthday is on Sunday, and that is the last major event before #5's arrival.

So I've blogged a bit.  And there are no pictures because they are on my computer. But they exist, yes they do.  

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