Monday, September 24, 2007

It's been a whole month...

I'm not a very good blogger, as a blogger must blog to be a blogger, and I've been good at a lot of things, but blogging hasn't been one of them.

HOWEVER, I've been busy with the important work of motherhood, and I've been instructed by my husband to take better care of myself, which has meant more rest and reading in the evenings and less time blogging. I'm a bit rundown after two pregnancies in two years. Mostly, I've been enjoying my children and teaching and training them and loving them and laughing with them and being amused by them. (Who would fail to be amused by a five-year-old singing, "And this next song will be the best song I ever made up..." in the back of the van?)

So, (in no particular order) the things I've been up to...
1. Homeschooling - #2 is enjoying his trip through the US and the books from Sonlight Core C. He's proud of his Trip notebook, his reading is improving rapidly, and he's memorizing lots of scripture for Awana. He's fallen in love with Math-U-See.

2. Cooking from scratch - my stomach is not appreciating corn to an entirely new degree, so I'm having to be more careful about what I eat. #2 has been showing major behavior improvement with the decline of preservatives and additives in his diet, so that has me wondering. #3 does my heart good by eating everything and asking for more. #4 is a little chowhound, too. The whole mess has me spending more time on food prep than I really have time for, but a system is in the works.

3. Bible study - My group started the new version of Beth Moore's "A Woman's Heart, God's Dwelling Place." There might be several posts on that forthcoming if I get regular time to blog.
I also have weekly memory work to do because I'm helping in a class at Awana.

4. Childcare - with a five-year-old and two babies, this is taking most of my time - but it is fun (mostly).


Oh my, there is so much more, but it's past my bedtime, and there is no telling when I'm going to be summoned by someone.

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Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

It hasn't yet been a month for me, but I've been a bad blogger as well. Oh well, *sometimes* life is just more important than the blog!!!