Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Our Wednesday

We got up at 3am because of a thunderstorm. Most of us were back to sleep by 5am - except for DH, who woke up at 6am as happy as a lark - because he got a full night's sleep. :) I hope it does him good. I took a nap from 6-8am. Praise the Lord for his boss, who doesn't make him keep a strict schedule.

We did school, and then the boys and I went to the library for Storytime.

The plan was to proceed directly to Borders (it's Educator Sale week) to spend my birthday gift certificates. But there was great hunger in the ranks that caused monkey-like behavior in the library, and so we stopped at Arby's on the way and then had a picnic-in-the-car. Then they managed to behave like human beings in Borders. I rewarded them with a snickerdoodle in the cafe - and treated myself to a cup of maple-white-chocolate-coffee yumminess. Then Drew hid from me and lost all his privileges. (Imagine?!)

I redeemed my birthday bucks for:

Handbook of Nature Study
Nourishing Traditions
Geography of the World

There are so many books on my list, yet most of them are available through my beloved local library. It's hard to figure out what books I want to own and which ones are nice to borrow. I've been thinking about these purchases for two weeks.

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