Monday, December 10, 2007

Ice Age

Our pretty shade tree in the front yard:

#2's favorite climbing tree:

Random areas of the South side of Bookwormsville:


ComfyDenim said...

I'm just amazed at the fact that the ice has stayed around for less than 2 days - and there is so much damage.

The Professor must be right- it has to be because all the leaves were encased in ice and that means extra weight on the trees. Kind of like having earrings that are too heavy.

I'm glad your shade tree fell straight down and not over. :-)

JacciM said...

Oh, dear. Your poor trees!

I wanted to say thanks for commenting on my site tonight :) I've enjoyed getting a peak into your little family. The pics with the paint cracked me up! I'm still smiling :)

I registered with Moms of Grace tonight, too! Thanks for the link from your sidebar :)

Our Peculiar Life said...

Thanks for sharing the pics and I am so glad there was no damage to your house!