Saturday, December 8, 2007

Update on Bookworm #2

Look at those beautiful blue eyes! This is one place you can usually find my energetic Bookworm #2 - he's swinging from a tree in the backyard. And he is happy, so very happy, when he is OUT. IN is very hard for him - he is the epitome of boy - one definition I've read is "a noise with dirt on it." While he has many other wonderful qualities, that is definitely true. He likes to make messes - but he also likes to help clean them up. He has the muddiest pants in the history of the world, but he loves to help load and unload the washing machine. He tracks in more outdoors than he leaves out, but he likes to vacuum. He's a wonderful helper.

As for school, he's reading pretty well - when he wants to, and he's learning the additions facts and coming along in mathematical know-how - when he wants to. He loves to be read to. He hates to write. He wants to know, but he doesn't want to work. This has left me trying to find a balance in our homeschool between having school and working with his whims. He is only five. There is no reason for us to stress over school. I am more concerned with him ENJOYING learning and wanting to know more and read more than I am with filling out workbook pages and doing math problems. SO, I've made some adjustments in our homeschool to accommodate him - because he's the only student at the moment, and the whole program can revolve around him and his needs. We've swung way more towards the ideals of a Charlotte Mason education - but that is another post.

His behavior is coming under control. Temper tantrums are rare now, and obedience is quickly becoming a habit. (Hallelujah!)

There is much more to say about this enthusiastic bookworm, but I need to go take a shower.

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