Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Isaac Update 07082009 2225

It was a good day for Isaac.

Today, "Good Day" means that nothing got worse. He's still pretty much where he was this morning. He's still got all the lines and drugs and equipment that he was using this morning (and he's quite the technology guy today). But he's resting, and his blood pressure is more stable and his labs look a bit better.

It was a good day for us. God is indeed good all the time, and He has provided us with a huge and loving support network for which we are very thankful.

Prayer requests for the night:
-That everything would remain stable so that we can all get some rest.
-That Isaac's brain would not be at all damaged
-That Isaac's heart would be healed completely
- Some specific lab levels - we're looking for a ph of 7.35 and a lactate level of five or less.
-That any underlying problem would be removed completely by our Creator God who heals.


Blommom said...

We are praying for you both and for your kiddos as they go through this with you! Thanks to Jon for the facebook note that directed us here.

Jeff and Sarah Blomgren

Erica said...

Praying for you all. Love you bunches and bunches.