Sunday, July 12, 2009

Isaac Update 07122009 0719

We had an uneventful night. Isaac opened his eyes for a few moments again and went back to sleep. He peed a lot and lost a bit of weight, though he has a long way to go before he has returned to the nine pounds he was when I brought him in. Prayer requests for this morning: -Isaac's blood sugar is too low, so his ketogenic diet TPN is being discontinued by the intentivist and he'll be put on regular diet TPN as soon as the TPN is ready. (TPN is IV nutrition, and the ketogenic diet is a low carb diet used to manage some metabolic diseases among other things). -There is much debate over how to manage Isaac's needs - should they treat him like a regular cardiac kid or like Danny. How much sugar does he need? How much fat and protein? What supplements? Please pray that God will grant the doctors much wisdom in this area. EAch doctor has his own way, and when they argue, they stress me out. -Isaac's lactate levels have risen back to around 7. Its been steadily rising from 4.9 since yesterday afternoon. Normal is around 2. Danny was pretty much never below 7. The rise in Isaac's could have to do with the blood sugar issues. Or the fluid overload. or something else entirely. Please pray that the lactate levels go back own. Other than that, it's another day of watching and waiting and fine tuning treatment according to Isaac's needs.

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