Thursday, July 9, 2009

Isaac Update 07092009 2336

Isaac has had a pretty good day. There were no major improvements, but there were no setbacks either. His ph level is holding steady at 7.35, which is normal. His bicarb and lactate levels are skewed, which we know would be consistent with a COX-2 deficiency diagnosis. We refuse to give up hope for his complete restoration because we know that we have a creative and loving God who does heal miraculously. God might heal him completely, and God might not, but who am I to argue with Him? Isaac did get restless this evening. His blood pressure was even, so we know he wasn't in much pain. He stretched and wiggled and tried to open his eyes and peep at me. He squeezed my finger, too. His movements were the same little Isaac stretches that we have seen at him with no stiffness or tremor. He was wiggly for about a half an hour, during which I held his hand and sang to him (not that anyone else would have enjoyed my singing, but he doesn't seem to mind it). And now we've gotten him quite comfy and he's settled for the first leg of the night.

Prayer requests:
-peace and rest
-improved heart function
-improved lab values for both the lactate and the bicarb while everything else holds steady.
-that Drew would have a wonderful birthday tomorrow in spite of all of this
-that God would heap blessing on the army of people who love us and are caring for us

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