Thursday, July 9, 2009

Isaac Update 07092009 0658

Well, Isaac and I actually slept a bit last night. His blood pressure got low enough that we were all almost worried about it - and he stayed right there for a long time. He really slept. Not just the drug-induced sedation, but real sleep. And then his pressures came back up nicely when the x-ray tech slipped the film for the morning x-ray under him. And when the nurse was changing the dressings on his incision and central lines, he got made and needed more sedation. (I don't like that we were hurting him, but I'm thrilled that he was mad about it because yesterday he didn't seem to mind some things that should have been painful.)

As for the lab values,
We asked for a ph of 7.35, and we're at 7.34.
And his lactate didn't make 5 or less yet, but we are at 9.9 - so he's found the single digits.

And there is peace in this room this morning. The Spirit of the Lord has come with healing on his wings.

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