Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Like my new digs?

Didn't Goofy Girl do a good job? I love my Oklahoma blue sky header with the sunflowers.

Know what else? The whole thing is a gift from my good friend IFL and online, ComfyDenim. This is actually a baby gift from her. We don't really need much for the baby, and she decided to treat me instead. Isn't she sweet?

We are, as you can see from my last post, having a day at home. We might be homeschoolers, but it is rare that we are actually here for the entire day and have no company. We typically either have friends over for a bit of the day or we go run an errand or two because it is best for us if we only go one or two places a day instead of having errand day. Or we visit Gram or Mimi. We'll be having a lot more days-at-home after this baby arrives, but we've been going so much lately that we are behind in housework.

I'm currently doing something exciting. I'm printing off our homemade schedule for next year that combines Sonlight Kindergarten with Galloping the Globe. Of course, either program is a full program, so I probably will use the Galloping the Globe stuff first and then read the SLK, but we have another family joining us on this global exploration, and we each needed something a little different, so I now have it all down on one piece of paper per week - a veritable smorgasboard of learning opportunities that will get us all the way around the world in 38 weeks, and builds us a short unit on oceans and explorers to follow it up. I've been working on this project on and off for weeks.

My list for the day:
Catch the laundry up DONE
Put it all away DONE
Do a load of diapers DONE
Bake four loaves of bread DONE
Do a bit of school with #2 DONE
Answer a few emails DONE
Play with my kids DONE
Clean the master bedroom almost DONE
Clean the kitchen DONE
Proofread the Global Exploration document DONE
Dust the family living area DONE
Read to my kids DONE
Blog about my scrapbooking accomplishments over the weekend
Clean the office, including emptying the very FULL trashcan DONE
Play a board game with #2 - Offered, but he went outside instead

But the first thing I must do it change #3. He's got a stinky. DONE (several times)


diane said...

Oh your blog looks TERRIFIC!!!!!!! LOVE IT.

Your curriulum sounds awesome- I'm sure it will really suit you. We do a a lot of SL without really doing SL. :)

Enjoy your new blog, and by now #3 should be sqeaky clean. :)


ComfyDenim said...

I'm guessing you're nesting. *LOL*
and I love the design GoofyGirl came up with and I'm glad you like your gift.

Happy Cleaning!

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

You're one busy mama today! I agree with Comfy, I think you're nesting.
The new look is good, very Okla-homey :-)