Wednesday, April 18, 2007

WFMW: Housework Day

Today is, at our house, Housework Day. We are staying home. No one is coming to visit. We aren't running any errands. We will not be going to the park or McDonalds or the bank or the library. We are staying here.

My four-year old is sorely disappointed.

Little does he know that he's going to have a blast. He loves to watch the washer fill as we do laundry, run the little vacuum for me, dust baseboards with a sockpuppet, help put the laundry away, help make bread (means he gets to use the KitchenAid), and he'll get to use his computer during the baby's naptime while I do some cleaning in the master bedroom.

So, most of you probably know this, but if you need to catch up and you have a busy schedule, pick one day each week to stay home.

It works for me. See more WFMW posts at Rocks in My Dryer


Robin said...

I don't like staying home. Now I know why my house is such a mess :).

I guess I need to plan a day to stay home.

Three P's in a Pod said...

I've got the 'stay home one day a week to clean' bit I need to follow your lead on how to make housecleaning a blast for little kids! Thanks for the tips!