Monday, April 30, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday: the Master Bedroom

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

A week ago, I posted about a major Tackle-It that took place in our master bedroom, and now that the project is finished, I've got a few more pictures of the finished product - including the place we've created for our new addition. This week's Tackle-It is really nothing more than finally getting this post written. We've actually tackled a lot of things lately in preparation for the new baby, and I'm about done tackling things until after I've tackled labor and delivery (sometime in the next 25 days).


ComfyDenim said...

I like the way you have the pictures arranged on the wall. :-)

tegdirb92 said...

Early congrats on the new baby--great tackle!!

Laura said...

Cute furniture! Great tackle. I hope you feel well in these last days.

Training Hearts said... cute! I haven't done anything for the baby except a few diapers but I am looking forward to feeling better and doing more. I can't wait to get the cradle set up :) Thank you for the comments on the diapers. I love sewing them and I really enjoyed coming up with a super trim cloth diaper. Usually I'd jump in now and volunteer to make some, but my severe morning sickness is so unpredictable that I know that I can't offer anything until I can take care of myself and actually get up off the couch more. I know a few good WAHM's that make cloth diapers and I'd be happy to share their sites if you want to know.

Anonymous said...

That is one blessed baby that's coming to join your family! I can't wait to hear the big announcement!