Saturday, April 7, 2007

Oh the things they say - and another Easter memory

#2 is forever cracking me up with his comments. He picks up idioms and colloquialisms from grown-ups (and the VeggieTales) and then uses them in his own creative ways. He's forever singing and dancing - he's every bit as joyful as he is ornery. Today he got up at 6am - note: It's SATURDAY and he came to our room and poked me and said, "Gramma's awake. I need to go to her house." Because I like my mother, I didn't let him call her right then, but we'll go over there in a bit now that it is daytime for normal people.

At breakfast, he hugged his baby brother and said, "My, you're a short drink of water."

And right now, he's banging the piano (gently - but this is definately not Playing -it's Banging) and singing "The Joy of the Lord is my strength." He's definately got that right.

And here's the promised Easter memory - from 2006:

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