Thursday, April 5, 2007

Catching up...

I was surprised to find that a whole week has passed since I blogged. We've been busy. I did get all my Bible study homework done and was successful in limiting my time on forums - I did check in on them, but only when I was also doing something else - like rocking the baby. Since I use a laptop, I can do that.

This week's project is to finish the scheduling of the Kindergarteners Gallop the Globe program that I'm building for us to do in the fall. Some friends will be joining us, and we have some needs that are the same and some that are different, and I'm trying to get them all scheduled out because both houses also have toddlers and newborns along for the ride. We'll see how it goes. I'd like to be done with it by Tuesday because that's when our next Bible study starts - and if I'm not done then, I absolutely MUST be done before this baby comes - and there are many other things that have to be finished before then - and I'm in the 33rd week, so I'm rapidly running out of time. This weekend will be packed with Easter activities, too. And my house is a wreck. I wonder how much it would cost to call Merry Maids or someplace similar... I might just look into that.

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