Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Bedtime ... definately bedtime

It's been a really long day. #2 has pushed every boundary and bounced on every available nerve and pushed all my buttons. #3 missed his morning nap because we were at Bible study and only slept for an hour this afternoon. I'm exhausted.

We did school during the hour that the baby was asleep, so that did get done - and that was the one thing that #2 did NOT give me a hard time about. Everything else he was determined that he would do things his way in his timing. I didn't let him get away with it, but it made for a really long Tuesday.

I'm behind in the Iliad, I'm behind on another project, I have two rooms that need paint, two weeks of school to schedule as soon as DH gets back from the library, and do you know what I'm going to do with my evening?

I'm going to bed with pillows propping my pregnant self in a comfy position.

I promise to try to be more positive tomorrow in the morning, after a good long sleep.

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