Wednesday, January 31, 2007

When God closes a door, somewhere He opens a window.

When #2 wanted to go out to play in the falling snow this afternoon, I couldn't find my keys to open the back door. So, I popped the screen off the window next to the door and told him to climb on out.

You should have seen the look on his face. Climb out the window? "But Mom, I'm not allowed to do that!" If only the camera had been handy I reiterated that he cannot climb out any window without permission, but this time, it was the best way into the winter wonderland that our backyard had become.

Yes - a winter wonderland again. It's been three weeks since the ice storm, and our backyard was still icy at 9am this morning when the snow started coming down - and it continued for hours, waxing and waning. And we were out in it, running errands before we got stuck at home with really bad roads (remember, this is Oklahoma - we don't usually have this weather and our cities aren't prepared for it). We went to the dairy because it was our day for the milk co-op, and to Sam's and to Walmart and the library. BUT, we are now set - we have groceries and necessities for the next two weeks, we have books for the next two units, we have several movies from the library, and we should be entertained until the mercury climbs about 32 - next Tuesday. School was ho-hum today. Just the basics, because I was exhausted from running around all day - we'll really take time with it tomorrow, though - since we have nowhere to go anyway. :) I kind of like being snowed-in

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