Sunday, January 21, 2007


Since HomeschoolBlogger (my real blog is there) is having problems, you all can read my son's latest cute story here. (I'll paste it over there when HSB comes back up.) This is the reason for duel posting - I often have login issues here and they often have site issues there, but as long as I can get to one of the two, I'm happy.

ANYWAY - Here's what #2 told me upon seeing a drawing of a cat with a snake in its mouth
(We were reading Animals at Maple Hill Farm.)

"One day we might hit a snake and then pick it up and bring it home and throw it in the oven. Then we might hit a turkey and throw it in too. Then we could have Thanksgiving - or maybe Christmas." :)

Not that we have ever eaten roadkill for dinner, but his little mind is always running, and you never know where you'll find him next.

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