Saturday, January 27, 2007

Hello. My name is ThoughtfulMom, and I'm a curriculum junkie.

ComfyDenim and her G and Mini-Me came over to play with #2 and #3 this evening while The Bookworm King and I went to a wedding. It was great fun for all, and I still owe Comfy $4 for #2's happy meal - I'll pay her in the morning.

She and I got to talking a bit about our chosen Unit Studies that we are planning - and while I've got Galloping the Globe about halfway planned for next year and am just hunting down free notebooking resources and such to go with it and getting reading lists made, I found myself tempted to look at Konos Vol I. I've see II and III, so I know how it's all planned out and such, but it's so tempting to just buy a used copy at the local used curriculum store and have it on hand to refer to and enhance our literature studies.

This is really all because I'm having trouble fitting American history and geography into my verison of the Well-Trained Mind plan. You'd think that it wouldn't matter right now, especially since I've prayed about next year and GtG was my answer. And I've tlaked out next year's plan, and GtG was the answer. And I've talked to my husbnad who believes GtG is the answer. You'd think I'd just get the picture, but NOOOO... my mind starts wandering off on a rabbit trail.

I'm going to bed shortly - after a little more of planning out what God told me to plan for my kid. Not that Konos doesn't sound like wonderful fun - just that it's not God's plan for next year in my house.

I guess I must admit that I'm a curriculum junkie.

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