Saturday, January 27, 2007

A Charlotte Mason Moment

We had never tried picture study before - but when Sugar Plum started posting her weekly "Fine Art of the Week" thread at The Homeschool Library, I decided we'd try it out. The first couple of pictures were amusing, but not really something I wanted to start with, but this week, she picked Mona Lisa. Ah HA! A piece of art I knew a bit about and that #2 needs to recognize. So, I printed out the image, and I put it on the refrigerator and waited for #2 to say something about it. About 20 minutes after I hung it up, he found it and started asking questions. The first one was, "Mama, what is that lady smiling at?" We talked a bit about the painting, and then moved on to other things. He later asked if he could color her himself, so I hunted down a coloring sheet for him, and this is the result (coloring became painting, by the way, and I couldn't find the watercolors.)

He was rather proud of his reproduction in green glitter paint (hence the sparkles). I was just glad to see him enjoying art - that is, of course, the point of picture study.

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