Sunday, March 11, 2007

Believe it or not...

I try to blog daily. But life does take precedence. It's been a full week since I managed to get anything up - and I missed the Blog Party entirely. Life happened and I never even got a post up. Oh well. :)

I've been busy writing curriculum for next year, cleaning my house, doing some nesting, correcting behavior, and cleaning up barf. Poor #3 has caught a nasty virus and was so kind to share with his big brother, who came down with it this evening. And my sweet Bookworm King fell while playing basketball at the Y yesterday morning and badly sprained both his right ankle and his left shoulder. Yes, it's been an interesting weekend.

I was blessed by one friend who listened to me whine Saturday night and another who taught Sunday School for me this morning so that I could take the King and #3 to the walk-in clinic. Plus, my MIL borrowed #2 for a bit yesterday and my mom did today (I was thrilled to not have to take him with us to the doctor because he has trouble waiting - and I knew that we would find a long wait on a Sunday morning.

I've had my snack, and I'm going to get back to curriculum writing until either the laundry is ready to switch over again or #3 wakes up and needs a drink, a diaper, more tylenol and a short snuggle - whichever comes first.


ComfyDenim said...

May God's healing be released in and through your house!! May the fruit of His presence be swift to show.

Since I was busy Saturday, it wasn't me. :-) I'm glad that you were able to vent.

I was impressed that you were getting curriculum written. Very impressed!! And then I tickled myself with the thought that - only homeschool moms write curriculum when they nest. *L*

Nurturing Mommy said...

Well, that's why I haven't heard from you in a few days! Ickies again, huh? My no. 2 was super fussy all day today; she hasn't pooed in 3 days! It could be another virus or it could be that because she's been wearing big girl pants she thinks poo is bad. The last time she went, it was in her undies--when I went to change her, it (you know, the poo) wasn't in the undies and I knew it was lying on the floor somewhere...but where?? We found it in the hall and no. 1 had to come and take a look. It was the size of an avacado! Oh what fun!