Thursday, March 15, 2007

Foggy day in the backyard...

Not literally foggy (that is pretty rare in our neck of the woods) - but sleep-deprived foggy. I'm going to bed as soon as I finish typing this. My day wore me out - or maybe it was the night before - I'm not sure.

#3 is feeling much, much better. We've actually gotten past the 24 hour mark since the last time something was violently expelled from one end of him or the other. He drank a lot today, and he had some cheerios. I'll give him real food tomorrow and see how it goes. Eggs for breakfast, I think.

#2 was wild today. I think he made a mental list of the household rules and set out to break each one - he was testing in a major way. The annoying part was that he would, for instance, start to play with the lamp - and when I told him to take his hands off the lamp, he would touch it with his forearm instead. I probably should have delivered appropriate discipline for that, but I was rocking a cranky baby and I didn't - and so he kept waiting for me to be unable to deal with him and then bending the rules. When Mimi called and asked him to come help her in the flower bed, I said "Sure." I had just said, "Don't touch the lamp." for the 42 time in 15 minutes, and I had just about had it. He went, behaved well for her, and had a good time. In the morning, we'll be reviewing the rules, for now, he's sweetly sleeping in his little bed.

We were glad to have the Bookworm King with us today - cough and fever and all. He worked from home today in order to NOT pass his germs around to his co-workers. He'll be doing the same tomorrow. Ironically, he gets more actual work done at home with all of our noise than he does in his office.

A #2 funny for the day:

He was unlocking the backdoor with a key so that he could go outside, and he started making boy noises. He was imitating starting a car - sounded pretty close to a race car roaring to life, too. Kept him occupied for 10 minutes or so.

#3 is waking up. Better go check that out.

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Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

It always makes me laugh at the really simple things that can keep boys busy! Race car sounds, animal noises, you name it, and usually the louder the better.
Hope everyone is feeling better soon.
How are you feeling these days? Do you feel like a turkey with one of those pop out timers yet? Baste me, I'm done!