Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Great Bike Wreck

The King of Bookworms took #2 and #3 on a walk around the neighborhood. #3 rode in the stroller and #2 pedaled along on his bicycle. He is riding well with training wheels - we'll probably try taking them off after his birthday - if we ever get him on his bike again.

The King isn't quite sure what happened. #2 was crossing a driveway, and he toppled over. One knee is slightly scratched, his hands are scraped, and his other knee is banged up pretty good. It's going to take an extra large bandaid in the morning, and a non-stick gauze pad and some tape tonight. Poor guy. It would H.U.R.T.

After much trauma and drama, #2 is tucked safely into his bed (after several stories) and is asleep.

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