Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday - plain ole' vinegar

One of my favorite cleaning agents is VINEGAR. Yup - quite the multi-purpose invention: makes pickles, cleans floors, combine with oil for salad dressing, sanitizes kitchen cabinets, softens laundry, gives windows and mirrors a streakfree shine.... It's safe enough to let my four-year old squirt it on the windows and wipe them down, and it's nearly as effective at sanitizing as bleach - and a whole lot less stinky and toxic.

Best of all - at $1.50 a gallon, it's cheap!


Crafty P said...

Got to say I love this product, too.

I just bought 2 gallons at Sam's the other day to stock up!

I use it in the laundry machine as a fabric softener and do the same window cleaning trick! Haven't bought windex in years!

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

I use vinegar too, but with crumpled newspaper instead of paper towels. Really! No lint! Free!

Girl Gone Wild said...

I'd love to find a book that showed what all things vinegar could do. I mostly use mine to take off wallpaper.

Alexandra said...

I love using vinegar as a cleaner. As soon as I run through my old cleaners, we'll be using this and baking soda only.

I use it to clean the cloth diapers every once in a while. it gets soap residue out and deodorizes.

Luluriahmom said...

Count me in! I have been using vinegar as my primary cleaning supply for about a year now! I'll never go back to chemicals. I love that my kids can help clean and I don't have to worry about it. We use it for fabric softner too. Works like a champ!

Cristina said...

I use it when I wash my hair too. Don't know if I read that on your blog or someone else's, but it really works well.
Are all of my blogger friends going to move their blogs? Is it me? Too much vinegar smell?
Hope your family is feeling better!

Peace and Laughter,