Monday, March 26, 2007


It's 2am. I'm up, thanks to the two hour nap I took in the recliner from 9-11pm and #3, who managed to wiggle his t-shirt down into his cloth diaper and wind up a little soggy and #4, for whom the relatively large amount of space between my ribs and my pelvis is rapidly becoming too small.

It is hot in here. If it were cool, sleep would be more forthcoming. It's been in the upper 70s here for days - warm enough to allow houses to heat up over days, but not so warm that air conditioners feel obligated to run. I'll be opening the windows later on this lovely Monday morning to let the breeze blow through - in spite of the air being thick with pollen. It's supposed to rain today, and if it does, a rainstorm will be a good, pollen-free time to have the windows open. (Big IF - this is Oklahoma, and rain was forecasted, which automatically means that it will be really humid and sprinkle a few drops - or there will be a fantastic crash-bang thunderstorm complete with hail and tornado warnings. Here, weather is nothing if not extreme.)

There also is the thought and blog fodder rolling around in my head and keeping me up. I heard a sermon on fasting this evening. Talk about something to make you think. If you are curious, you can go watch here.

It is a Biblically-sound take on fasting - and doesn't just include food (not good for a very pregnant woman) but also fasting from the unnecessary things that fill our time and occupy our minds. Television. Movies. Music. The Internet. Unnecessary telephone use. Unessential spending. All these things are fine in moderation, but they do prevent us from focusing on the important. At least, I'm guilty of allowing them to prevent me from focusing on the Important. For instance, it's perfectly acceptable for me to be thinking on my blog - that is after all, why Thoughfulmom's blog exists. It's a place for me to think without bothering anyone - to get things out of my head so that my brain gets a rest once in a while. It's also for sharing what is going on in our backyard - which is wild and crazy under the best of circumstances. What IS goofy is that while I've been writing this post, I've also hit "new posts" at The Homeschool Library three times, done three BlogThing quizzes, commented on several other blogs, including my husbands, and put #3 back to bed twice. Both the HSLibrary and the BlogThings were timewasters, and one of the blogs I commented on just because I felt obligated - not because I had anything to say. So, the Internet, while it can be useful, is also a source of time-wasting in my life.

What am I going to do with this information? I haven't decided yet. But it's now after 3am, #3 is finally back to sleep, and I'm going to try to get back to sleep. #2 will be up in three hours, and he has no television privileges today so my day may start sooner rather than later.

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