Monday, February 5, 2007

Poor, neglected Blog

Fortunately, a neglected blog means that I've been doing my job! My children are happy, we're all SLEEPING! O my Lord, THANK YOU! You all just don't understand what a blessing that is. I slept ALL NIGHT in my own bed on Saturday night. I haven't done that since October 1999. No joke. It's been almost seven and a half YEARS! And not for lack of trying - #1 had a seizure disorder that disturbed his sleep. #2 just doesn't require nearly as much as I do, and #3 is 11 months old and JUST got the hang of sleeping. Of course, I can't get too used to it, because in a short 12 weeks, I'll have a newborn again, and I'll be up. Actually, Sunday morning and Monday morning, I was up at 4am just because I was up. I'm used to being up then, and so I was. Oh well. I can say I've slept one night in my own bed since I became a mother.

ANYWAY, we've been busy. My house isn't a total shambles. The Bookworm King and I went on a date Saturday afternoon, while #3 slept at Gram's house and #2 was out with Mimi. (Thank God for Grandparents who live in town.) We did church on Sunday and had a meeting after and that was most of the day. Last night I paid the bills instead of blogging, and when the mail came today, i figured out why things were looking so nice in my checkbook with my empty to-pay folder. I forgot to pay on the van. DOH! I hate it when I do that kind of thing.

We've done phonics and math this week and last and kind of given MFW Kindergarten a lick and a promise. That's fine - we've done elephants and penguins before - and like I said - we've worked on the cleaning and organizing. Seeing that where we live there are only elephants and penguins in the local zoo, I kind of glossed over that in my nesting frenzy and we've done lots of life skills.

I'm off the blog in a minute to get a snack (I gained NINE pounds last month - and I'm still hungry - of course, I'm pregnant, and I was low on weight gain - guess my body decided to catch up all at once.)

But I wanted to tell you all that someone near and dear to my heart has started a blog. I've sat under her teaching for years and never met her face to face. I'm not a crazy fan or participating in idol worship at all, but God has taught me many many things from Beth Moore's studies, and I was thrilled to know that she has a blog. You can read it yourselves at: (I'd try to make that a link, but everytime I do that, HSB adds parts to my link that makes it not work, so ya'll just have to cut and paste.

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