Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Blogger Friend School Assignment #19: On the Drawing Board

This week’s assignment is to post a picture of one your family’s/child’s art projects or drawings. Be even more daring and post one of your own! Journal about the project.

This is a piece of Danny-art. Our eldest son, Danny, did this piece of spin art at his school in the fall of 2004. He stuck his finger into the paint as it was spinning and got this nifty look. What was really amazing was that he stuck his finger into paint at all - he had some serious sensory defensiveness that ordinarily kept him from touching anything wet ant gooey.

Tomorrow is the third time we'll celebrate his Glory Day, so you'll probably hear more about him then.


TrainingHearts said...

Great picture!!! I used to love doing that kind of art but haven't done it in years :)

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

Thanks for the comment on my raving nut job post-
I'm glad I'm in such good company!!