Wednesday, February 28, 2007

FOUR on the floor!

Yesterday at lunch, Bookworm#2 was repeatedly learning back in his chair (two legs on the floor, two legs off), and I had repeatedly told him "Four legs on the floor."

Well, Mommy has a limit to how many times she'll say that before the privelege of having a chair is taken away. I've never had to revoke that particular privelege before, but yesterday, I did. Saying "Four on the floor" five times in two minutes was just ridiculous.

So, I told him to stand up, and I took his chair and put it in my bedroom. He threw himself on the floor kicking and screaming because he hates it when something deviates from the norm AND when he doesn't get his way. I sent him to his room because we don't allow fit throwing in the public areas of the house. Nineteen minutes later the screaming stopped. He went potty, and then he returned to the table with the little stepstool that resides in the bathroom.

He set it down where his chair had been. And he sat on it. Then he stood to take a bite of his food. Then he sat back down to chew. Then he stood to take a second bite, and he sat back down to chew it. Up. Bite. Down. Up. Bite. Down. Up. Bite. Down. Up. Bite. Down. Up....

And so continued the meal.

I, however, had to leave the table to prevent my stiffled laughter from becoming a choking hazard.

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Girl Gone Wild said...

LOL! That's great! Isn't it hard to not completely lose it when they get all creative? I love it.