Monday, February 26, 2007

Mama's hiding. No seeking. :)

Before you get too concerned, my husband is home. I was supposed to go to a women's event at our church tonight, but since I'm now the only one without the tummy troubles, I decided to stay home and make sure that we don't pass this to any other households. I think it's rotovirus, and it is just plain nasty.

So, today we did no actual school work. Instead, we read:
A Zoo for Mister Muster,
Curious George Takes a Job
Bread and Jam for Francis
Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse
Tacky and the Winter Games
Pajama Time
Snuggle Puppy

And that doesn't include the night-time reading, which the Bookworm King is starting now. It's only 7:15, but #2 is so tired that he's wired, and #3 would love to play in peace for a bit, so #2 is headed to bed for more stories. The King is reading the Bible reading for the day and a picture book or two. I'll grab a book about rocks and a phonics reading and take #2 to bed shortly.

Bookworm#2 played Vsmile and watched a lot of TV today. We'll be doing schoolwork tomorrow. I got some chores accomplished. I need to get my Bible study homework done, but since I won't be going, I'm not that motivated. I hope that one of my buddies scores me the video from this week and last week so that I can watch them. We're doing an older Beth Moore study about David (A Heart Like His) and I want to hear what she has to say.

But for now, I'd better quit blogging and get a bit of organizing done.

I love to organize. :)
For the moment, my sweet Bookworm King banished me to the walk-in closet that we use as an office. I was supposed to get the evening off, but it didn't happen - he's giving me some much needed quiet. I may wind up spending the better part of the evening in here because it's a mess. I have a bunch of stuff that I need to file or otherwise take care of.

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Girl Gone Wild said...

If you like to I have a closet for you! Hope you were able to make a good-size dent.