Saturday, February 17, 2007

Our adventurious Valentine's date :)

We went OUT! It's rare, but it does happen. We went to use a gift certificate at Bonefish Grill this evening while #2 was at Mimi's and #3 was at our house with Gram.

But the wait at Bonefish Grill as about an hour and a half.

Hmmmm... the gift certificate was also valid at Carabba's.

So, we went down the street to Carabba's. But the wait was about an hour there.

Hmmmm... so much for using the gift certificate. Where could we go and eat and get out for about $20.

We went over to Fuddruckers.

The line to order was out the door, and it wove though the lobby inside.

We knew that my mom needed to get home and to bed at a decent hour because she has to teach the toddler class in the morning. We decided to try one more place before we drove to a different suburb. There is this local Mexican restaurant that is authentic and VERY tasty - the kind of place where you'd better speak Spanish if you need anything that varies slightly from the men. We went there. It's a family restaurant that is typically full of Spanish-speaking families - one of those places that we could take the kids and they could be kids without annoying anyone. We had some Fajita Mixta, and it was tasty - and it didn't break the bank. Not the ideal date because it was loud, but we enjoyed ourselves.

Now we are home, and he's working some more, and I'm getting some stuff done - like blogging and catching up on my Bible study homework and getting somethings together for school this week.

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