Thursday, February 22, 2007

Elephants - the Glory Day post

Danny was fascinated by elephants. For one thing, they were big and hard to miss, so to watch them at the zoo was easy for him - he enjoyed the giraffes for the same reason. And, while in this picture he is standing at the rail, most of his time at the zoo was spent in his wheelchair, and it was easy to view these animals in our local zoo from a seated position. Overall, he loved the zoo. So, that's where we went this morning to think of Danny. You see, it was two years ago today we held him and sang to him and handed him over to the Lord and he
became our treasure in heaven.

Our trip today didn't go as planned - though it was warm and beautiful, parts of the zoo were closed off for repair and improvement because it is mid-week and mid-winter. The train wasn't running (much to #2's disappointment). We wanted to see the giraffes, chimps, elephants and penguins. We saw the siamung, gibbons, polar bear and elephants.

DS#2 also likes the elephants. He was particularly amused today because this elephant was taking a dust bath. He liked knowing that
this elephant enjoys dirt as much as he does.

DS#3 was, however, more interested in his snack than in the elephants. He enjoyed the ride around the zoo, and he did have a good look at the elephants, but most of the rest of his time at the zoo was occupied by this organic fuji apple. I don't blame him - I ate one and then I finished his too because they were SO good.

The trip to Danny's "remembering spot" at the cemetary was uneventful - we took him four red heart-shaped balloons - one from each of us. My ILs had already tied on some balloons of their own, and my mom had added a new pinwheel and some bright yellow and purple pansies. It seems kind of wrong to put flowers on a little boy's grave, so we tend to focus on things that interested him. He loved balloons and pinwheels and bubbles and all those things that boys like. We came home for quiet time and some rest before we met the family for dinner at Fuddrucker's. Overall, it was a good day.

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J said...

I hope that your family outting was as enjoyable as it could have been. You and your family are thought of by so many! Thanks for you share your life.