Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Mud, glorious mud

It was 65 degrees out today! It was beautiful! We had a busy day - Bible study (#3 stayed with me and was sweet - he took a nap, too). Then we went to eat pizza and brought BuddiE and her mom and Nurturing Mommy and her two kids home with us to play in the swamp that used to be our backyard - I'll get a picture of them up on the blog as soon as possible (waiting for camera to charge). You should have seen the look on NMsGirl's face when she tried to take a step and her shoe slurped into the mud and stayed put. She was not happy. #2 and the other big kids had a blast and were completely covered. I know BuddiE's mom doesn't mind if I post a picture, so here are #2 and BuddiE covered in slime:

The picture really doesn't do it justice - since they were wearing dark pants, the mud didn't show up well when they were standing on the patio - but here's #2 out in the sunlight (not his best or cutest side, but gives you the right impression:

Here are the pants on the way into the washing machine - I took this one mostly because my mother won't believe I let my kid get this slimy and then cleaned it all up. I'm a little OCD, you know - I don't do slimy.

Know what - they had a BLAST! The cleanup was totally worth it - though I'm really thinking that we need French drains BADLY.

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