Thursday, February 8, 2007

He's so quiet when he's sleeping....

It was one of those days - you know the type - the ones in which everything goes in one ear and out the other, in which "No." is an invitation for a discussion, and in which all of yesterday's laws are assumed to be today's suggestions

The kind of day that would cause any mom to yell. And I did - more than I wanted to - mistakenly thinking that an increase in volume
might get my words through his hard little head. (It didn't help - but we did dissolve into a giggle fit at one point, and that did help.)

An example: I took the baby to change his diaper. When I returned, #2 had a pair of pliers that he got from their home in the junk drawer. He was going around "fixing" things. Typically, this kind of thing doesn't last long - he shouldn't have the pliers, but the baby needed a bottle and a nap, and by the time I got the baby to bed, the pliers will be back in their home. I put the baby down so that I'd have my hands free for bottle making. The next thing I heard was the baby screaming in delight. They were playing tug-of-war with his blankie (yep - he's a Linus baby). Then I realized that #2 still had the pliers and was using them to grip the blankie and getting them dangerously close to the baby's head. I finished making the bottle and went to put a stop to it -just as the baby finally got mad and just wanted his blankie. He lunged for it and missed and hit his head on an endtable as #2 ran away giggling gleefully. I comforted the baby and retreived the blankie and the pliers, and had the following discussion with #2:
Me: It is not nice to take your brother's blankie. You wouldn't like it if he took your blankie.
#2: I didn't take his blankie. The pliers did.

Good grief. :) I did manage not to crack a smile, and appropriate measures were taken to
discourage further and future teaching - but the way his mind works really does crack me up.

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ComfyDenim said...

Of course, the pliers took the blanket, mom, gee..*DUH* Don't you love the masters of the technicality? Of course, you can't discipline the pliers unless you put them in timem out.

He looks so peaceful...
They all do when they're sleeping, don't they? Do you ever look at them and say "I wonder what they're dreaming about?" -- or is that just for dogs. :) *LOL*

Told myself a funny...

Bleach free blessings, My friend...