Saturday, May 26, 2007


I haven't written a newsy entry in a while. I've been a little busy. It is hard enough to get my weekly memes posted - and those I typically know what to write. Right now, I have a few minutes with little #4 curled up in my lap. He's wide awake though, and my sweet husband would send me to bed if he wasn't really busy setting up a new server to take to the office tomorrow. Hopefully, #4 will be asleep by the time I'm done typing because if he is, I'm going to bed!

We've all be adjusting. I've been adjusting to being needed by more people. The Bookworm King has been adjusting to balanacing work and family again after a long six weeks of workworkwork. #2 is adjusting to some new expectations and a new brother. #3 is adjusting to not being the baby of the family - even though he is still a baby. And #4 is adjusting to life outside the womb. Plus #2 and #3 are adjusting to the changes in routine that a new baby brings.

We had a pretty typical week for us - friends over on Monday, Bible study and pizza on Tuesday, Gram's house on Wednesday, Mimi Day on Thursday, and errands and a visit from Gram on Friday. Today, the Bookworm King was home - he and #2 had an outing. We all had some time at home. I went to the library for a bit by myself (that was lovely). And then we went out to dinner with another family. I thoroughly enjoyed by hamburger and onion rings, and I made a new friend. The guy in the other family is a friend of the King's, a friend from work, and I had never met his wife. But their twins are the same age as #3. We had a good time, and I'm pretty sure we'll be inviting them over for a playdate this week or next.

On the agenda for next week: Monday will be an extra day at home together (with some cleaning involved). Tuesday - hmmm, no Bible study this week - maybe picture day for my kids? Wednesday we'll probably visit Gram and do anything that we need to do in town. Thursday will be Mimi Day for #3 - maybe the aquarium for the rest of us. Friday - who knows what we'll do. And there will be some school for #2 for the first time in a month. We're going to work on phonics and math and a unit study on Curious George (thanks to the Lapbooking Ladies at In the Hands of a Child).

But right now, #2, #3, and #4 are all asleep, and I need to go lay down.


Our Peculiar Life said...

I am glad everyone is adjusting well and that you made a new friend. The world seems brighter to me everytime I make a new friend. :-)

Anonymous said...

You've been in my prayers a lot as you adjust to live w/the newest little mister.

You truly amaze me with all the things you pack into a week! I try hard to stay home most of the week! :)