Saturday, May 26, 2007


I'm listening to a lecture by Harvey and Laurie Bluedorn called "Less-Hurried Way to Homeschool." It's very interesting. I'm not sure how much I agree with them, but I like the fact that they allow extra time before they start subjects like Grammar. They make use of Charlotte Mason's ideas (particularly copywork and narration). I like that they teach classically, including Latin, Koine Greek, and Biblical Hebrew. These are things that interest me greatly. I appreciate their combining of phonics with relaxed language arts particularly since I'm still trying to figure out what parts of language arts my kindergartner actually needs to learn now versus what would be better taught later.

The Bluedorns also recommend that formal math instruction be avoided until age 10, and they believe that at that point the student can begin with Saxon 65 and go quickly on to algebra. Until age 10, they suggest hands-on math with lots of manipulatives and tools (rulers, cuisenaire rods, scales, etc.). My son loves his Horizons math workbook, though. We do use manipulatives often. What about memory work - like memorizing math facts? When do you do that? Does it happen naturally as you play with manipulatives? There are many things that can be memorized easily before age 10. Hmmm... I wonder what the Bluedorns would have to say about that?

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