Wednesday, May 2, 2007

WFMW: Birthday Books and Cupcake Cake

Need a present for a party? Buy a book - especially if it's a kid's party. Buy a classic that you love or your child's recent favorite. Whatever suits your fancy. This is, of course, easier if your know the family well and can pick something that suits their beliefs and such - but even if you don't know them well, buy a book and stick the receipt inside the cover. You are less likely to duplicate a book than a toy, and (at least in our house) a well-loved book will last longer than a toy.

Also - for our last several parties, we have purchased a cupcake-cake at Target or Walmart. They put cupcakes on a board and ice them as a cake, so you don't need a knife to serve it - just pull-apart and removed the wrapper. This makes serving cakes to little ones easy because it requires no cutting, and it makes portion control easy, too.

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Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

For our last few brithday parties we have done the cupcake cake thing. It's easy, and no plates of forks are needed! I have a friend who recently did a donut cake. Same idea, but spray whipped cream stars on them.