Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The update: Tackle It Tuesday: Just keeping up

I DID indeed do something today while #3 was sleeping and #2 was playing with Mimi.

The first thing I did was occupy this spot for an hour and a half:

Then, when #3 woke up, I picked up a lot of clutter and put it away. So, my living room is neat and tidy, the playroom is neat and tidy. The kitchen table is neat and tidy. And the kitchen countertops are neat and tidy. So, tomorrow morning I can sweep through the house with some vinegar on a washcloth and wipe everything down and then clean the boys' bathroom and that will be that. The house will be clean except for needing to be vacuumed - and that is not my job. :) DH will do it tomorrow night.

We went and had a family picture taken for the church pictoral directory. I don't recommend doing this when you are extremely pregnant. I look like a beached whale. And the rest of the family didn't look so great either.

My husband is studying for a final in his World Religions class, which is tomorrow. The poor man has been so swamped at work that he is just now beginning to study. He also has an 18 page paper due on Monday on Hindu Creation Myths. Then he is done for the sememster. I'm glad - because I want this baby out - and if I have the baby before the paper is finished, the paper won't get finished and he'll lose his scholarship to the seminary. So, ya'll, please pray that my sweet man happens to read just what he needs to read to pass this final.


Our Peculiar Life said...

Last time we had our pic taken for the church directory I was pregnant too! I understand! When are you due? And I will be praying for your hubby!

Halfmoon Girl said...

I am remembering those days of being very pregnant with 3 other children. I would try to steal naps when I could. I hope that all goes smoothly with the babe's birth and your hubby's schooling.