Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday: Schoolwork organization

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Yesterday, I posted that #2 and I are both in need of something to think about. One thing I know I can do about that is to reinstate schooltime. But, I've been trying to - tried to get to school all week last week, but it just wasn't happening - I couldn't get things together. So, today's Tackle It was designed to get everything together in a way that I can find everything I need for a day easily at home, and also easily pick things up and take them with us on the days we go hang out at Gram's house.

Last night, we made a family trip to Target, and we picked up this little file holder with 26 dividers that fastens up quite nicely. I labelled each section 1-24 (which represent the 24 school days in six weeks, since we tend to school four days a week or so). Then I labelled 24 red file folders and put in each one a phonics/LA lesson, a math lesson, a handwriting lesson and 1-3 lapbooking activities. In the next six weeks, we will be completing several lapbooks from Hands of a Child: Beginning Reading, Curious George Rides a Bike, Little Miss Muffet, Katy and the Big Snow, and Jesus loves the Little Children. And we will also do the Addition Facts 1-4 lapbook from Knowledge Box Central. Because the file holder has the sides enclosed and the file folders have the bottoms enclosed, there should be no lost pieces for the lapbooks. Plus, there are two extra sections available for holding teacher's notes and a workbook or two.

We'll see how it goes, but we did an hour's worth of schoolwork today - and it wouldn't have taken that long if I hadn't had to co-erce him to read a few sentences.

So, that was my Tackle It Tuesday - I got organized and did a day's schoolwork with #2. There are more Tackle Its at 5minutes for mom.


Tiany said...

Great tip, we use the same filing system for My Fathers World. :-)

ComfyDenim said...

Well...aren't you clever? (This is where you say "Why, yes. Yes I am."

Great tackle it!!
Don'tcha just love having a plan?
Now - back to grading my paper mountain.

Our Peculiar Life said...

GREAT system!! I can't wait to hear how it works. Keep us updated! :-)

diane said...

Sounds GREAT!

Scrapping Servant said...

I didn't tackle anything until today! Thursday, but I finally did my fridge!!!!!!!

Andie said...

Great idea! I've always wanted to homeschool, but don't think it's very practical for us. However, I want to do some "schooling" with my children this summer. Can you recomend any free online sources that are good? Thanks!

Gina said...

You have inspired me! I have used the large box files for my older kids but an accordion one for each younger child would really help us out. We are going to do some sonlight cores this year and this will work great with keeping me and them organized. I have some $ on my staples gift card .....so look out staples here I come! ;)
Thanks for taking the time to share.