Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Haircut Day

We had Haircut Day at my house on Friday. Nurturing Mommy and her kids and our friend N and her daughter all gathered at my house for doughnuts, outdoor play, and haircuts. N is a fantastic stylist-turned-mom. She works out of her house now, but was glad to come work at mine so that the two four-year-old-boys could hang out in their stomping grounds (the backyard) for the morning while the Girl and the babies played inside. NM brought KrispyKremes with her, and they were enjoyed by all

Know what was nutty, though? Haircut Day with six kids under five running around. Know what's going to be nuttier? Haircut Day with seven kids running around. And next time, that's what we are going to have.

So, here's my before-and-after the haircut pictures. I forgot to actually take before-and-afters, so what you are seeing is a bad shot of the old 'do and a bad shot of the new 'do. Didn't N do a great job? The first picture is an attempt to show just how big my belly is, and the second was taken at a baby shower that some friends gave for #4.

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