Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thankful Thursday: My Mother

This is my mom. Here, she is giving #3 his first haircut - she has actually been the one to give each of my boys their first haircut. They all grow mohawks before the sides and back come in, and that makes a haircut necessary when they are looking too shaggy.

Anyway - my mom is quite the gift. I'm glad God gave her to me. She is always there - available at a moment's notice - even if she's 600 miles away. She has rescued me countless times. She mailed me the only contact solution that I am not allergic to while I was studying in Spain because I left mine in a hotel - that did cost a fortune. She made the bridesmaid dresses for my wedding. She's a constant source of encouragement. She's taught me all those things that a mom really needs to know - cooking, cleaning.... She hopped in her car and drove 600 miles the day that #1 arrived 7 weeks early and very ill. She stayed with us for those first four scary weeks of driving back and forth from our little house in Champaign, IL to the big hospital with the NICU in Peoria, IL. She was the only adult because The King and I who could handle the stresses of caring for #1 whenever necessary. A few months later, she hopped in the car again and whizzed up to IL to care for #1 while I had an emergency gall-bladder-ectomy. She also cared for #1 while I gave birth to #2. And she was present for #3's birth. And she is planning to watch my sweet monkey-boys when #4 arrives in just a few weeks.

Once we moved back to our beloved Oklahoma, she became my partner in errand-running (ever tried to go to the grocery store by yourself with a baby and a wheelchair-bound kid in tow? - it just doesn't work.). She is still my partner-in-shopping now - more because it makes it more fun than anything - but also because these sweet boys that we have are not good shoppers. Extra hands are a good thing - and since she taught me how to shop, we can divide and conquer a list and be done in half the time.

I'm about to give birth to my fourth child, and some days, I just want my mommy. She's a blessing to many, and I'm very thankful for her.


Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

That was very sweet and thoughtful. Your mom sounds great!

A&EMom said...

I, too, am thankful for your Mommy. She's the kind of Mommy we all aspire to be and the kind of friend a girl needs when she's become a Mommy herself.

diane said...

What an awesome post to honor your Mom.