Monday, May 14, 2007

A Surprise on my Doorstep

ComfyDenim called this morning to tell me that she had a baby gift to bring by sometime today. She was being secretive and wouldn't tell me who it was from. I figured it was from someone at our church, since Comfy and her Pile were at church yesterday and all us Bookworms stayed home.

But, when Comfy and the Pile rang my doorbell and all the kids had been herded into the backyard, she produced a bag with a beautiful blanket sticking out of it and said, "You'd never guess who this is from."

It was from Kathleen, and it is absolutely, positively lovely.


Not only does it appear beautiful from afar, but upclose the craftswomanship is amazing. Every stitch is perfect, every patch is symmetrical, and every cut is precise. The colors are beautiful, and it even goes well with the other quilt in #3's room - so when we double up #3 and #4, they will each have a unique quilt on their bed, but everything in the room will still match. (You'd think Kathleen had seen my house - it's that well matched).

Anyway - Kat, thank you very much for sending me such a piece of beautiful artwork! It will be well-loved and well-used.


Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

I love surprises! It was so much fun working with Comfy on this.
I forgot to include washing instructions with it. Oops! The quilt is all cotton so you can wash at whatever temp you'd like and since it's all machine made it can handle repeated washings and dryings. You don't really have to be gentle with it, it can take a lot! Enjoy your lovely new boy!

ComfyDenim said...

It's so fun being sneaky.
I should do it more often.
*Bwa ha ha ha*

diane said...

That was a beautiful blanket and a beautiful gesture. :)

Heart of Wisdom said...

I;m am really trying not to covet but that baby is too sweet not to want to hold! Just beautiful. Enjoy your little guy. Infant hood goes by much much too quickly.