Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My little Snuggle Puppy

Have you read Snuggle Puppy by Sandra Boyton? It is a great little book. I've been reading it often to #3 since he was born - he's the snuggle puppy - has been since he was newborn. He loves to snuggle.

This week, #3 learned to say, "woof woof." He refers to any non-human creature as a woof-woof. Except for a cow, which is a "moooo." I'll try to get a picture of him saying "Mooo," since we are highly amused by the expression that accompanies the sound. We saw a dog at the park yesterday, and he was enthralled. He looks out of our kitchen windows and says "woof woof" to the squirrels, bunnies, and birds that hide in our trees.

Here he is wrapped in his doggie towel after a bath. Isn't he cute?


Our Peculiar Life said...

AWWWW the tulsa library's copy is missing :-( I will have to find it another time. #3 is adorable!

Be Inspired Always said...

He's adorable. My son use to have one exactly like that.