Friday, May 18, 2007

Tagged: Eight Random Facts

Jessica tagged me to tell you eight random facts about myself. Here are a few:

1. I'm beginning to write this post while parked outside Mazzio's waiting for our carryout pizza order (we're on our way to Gram's for lunch). So, #2 is singing along with Hermie, #3 was asleep, until #2 increased his volume, #4 is asleep in his car seat for the moment. I'm just thrilled that the shady tree I parked under is apparently a Cox hotspot.

2. I can't keep my boys' names straight. All of them (husband included) have Biblical names, and it's like trying to keep the cast of characters in order. So far this morning, I've messed up about 10 times, one of which was while I was on the phone with the clinic trying to make a two-week appointment for #4 and a vax appointment for #3. The receptionist, who knows us, laughed at me. I'm going to start calling them by their numbers in real life.

3. I rarely sleep through the night - and sometimes it has little to do with babies - I'm just awake. I guess my training by #1 to be awake and ready for a medical emergency in 2.4 seconds or less is still with me. If one of the babies cries out in the night, I'm instantly completely awake and have a major adreneline rush that takes hours to calms down. Some nights, I'm really wishing for some Ambien.

4. I'm not an outdoors kind of girl. I like air conditioning. I don't like to sweat - unless I'm intentionally working out - then I don't mind sweating so much. Though I prefer swimming to other forms of exercise. It's much cooler.

5. I'm not a beauty-treatment kind of girl either - someone gave me a very generous gift certificate to a local spa/salon, and I have no idea how I'm going to spend it. Pedicure? Not crazy about strangers touching my feet. Massage? Not crazy about strangers touching me, actually. A series of haircuts? I have a friend who cuts my hair, and I don't want to rob her of the occasional twenty bucks or (more importantly) hurt her feelings. Makeup application? Seems kind of silly for just my boys. I'm clueless.

6. I usually take my kids to Penney's to get their pictures made very often, but I'm very tired. So, this newborn didn't get a professional picture yet - maybe in a week or two. I did take a series of pictures of him at my mom's house this afternoon. One of them was good enough that I ordered baby announcements of it from Walmart. I'll get the envelopes printed and send them out tomorrow or Monday.

7. I love to cook. I hate to cook with a baby hanging on my pantleg and screaming at me. Someday I'll spend serious time putting together a tasty and elaborate meal for my husband. Today was not that day.

8. After #2, I had a serious bout with postpartum depression. After #3, I avoided it, but still struggled mentally and emotionally for weeks. Now, after #4, the battle is raging in my head again. So, should you actually be reading this far, please pray for my mental state. I know that God is in complete control, and that He won't give me more than I can handle, and I'll bless His name on this earth until He deems it time for me to bless His name directly in front of His throne. But knowing all that doesn't change that a new addition to our family makes the absence of our firstborn far more obvious to my heart.

So, whom shall I tag? A&EMom, CoffeeMom, and Kahri


ComfyDenim said...

My Bloglines is running behind.
I didn't get your post until just now...and it's 5:15am...and I'm watching guys and dolls and thinking..
a)I'm praying for you
b) you need sleep. How can I help?

DangitAnge said...

You are often in my prayers and will be more so now. I wish I could come snuggle some little men so that you could have some sleep.

My girls never get called the right names. Thankfully, they all answer to "You!". ;)

Our Peculiar Life said...

YEAH! I am tagged! I will work on it!

Okay, now to the important stuff....I am praying for you. I have a lot (or at least something)to say about depression, I will write to you directly.

AND, I understand how the new one brings the loss of #1 to the forefront. I am so sorry.

Thinking of you and praying for you!

Classic MaMa said...

I will pray for you. I had post-partum depression after I had my little guy. A friend of mine asked me to notice what times I had difficulty to see if low-blood sugar was playing a part. Remembering to eat and drink lots of water helped a little. You will be better. This is not the way the rest of your life will be. God bless you!

diane said...

Praying for #8.

Shera said...

I just read this one and wanted to say that when my 4th was a baby most of my friends DID refer to my sons by number! I think they would need to still LOL!

Now with 6 we hardly ever get out except to church and even then we never seem to all be in one place.

Also, I too have all boys with Bible names and I hear you about getting them all mixed up!!!!

Blessings and sleep to you!